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True Nirvana
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(1) Existence is suffering (duhka).
(2) Suffering is caused by ignorance (avidya).
(3) Ignorance furthers suffering thru its 
      self-absorbed desires (trsna).
(4) The result is a endlessly turning wheel of
      suffering, dependent co-arising (samsara).
(5) Suffering can only cease thru the complete
      extinguishing of ignorance and its desires.
(6) Extinction (nirvana) of suffering samsara
      can only take place thru the attainment of
      true wisdom (bodhi).

(7) The attainment of true wisdom is thru following the Noble Eightfold Path of RIGHT understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness & concentration.

(8) The Noble Eightfold Path as a whole, and in every part, is the Way of Compassion (karuna).

(9) True wisdom (bodhi) is compassion, and true extinction (nirvana) of suffering (duhka) is only thru complete releasement (moksa) of oneself to compassion.

Without relying on everyday common practices (relative truths), the absolute truth cannot be expressed. Without approaching the absolute truth, nirvana cannot be attained. (Nagarjuna)


True enlightenment is BEING compassion (Bodhisunya)


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