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True Nirvana

True Nirvana

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TRUTH (tattva)


The teaching of the Dharma by the various Buddhas is based on the two truths; namely, the relative (worldly) truth and the absolute (supreme) truth.

Those who do not know the difference between the two truths cannot understand the profound nature of the Buddha's teaching.


All worldly truth is relative to Sunyata, the absolute truth. Sunyata is the absolute nothingness that is true compassion. (Bodhisunya)


Green Tara


Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world; it is appeased by love. This is an eternal Law.

The bhikkhu, who abides in loving-kindness, who is delighted in the Teaching of the Buddha, attains the State of Calm, the happiness of stilling the conditioned things.

(The Dhammapada)


Samsara is nothing essentially different from nirvana. Nirvana is nothing essentially different from samsara.

Both samsara and nirvana are one and the same (ekartha), the universal (sarvatraga) suchness (tathata) that is sunyata. (Bodhisunya)